About the author

William Whittom williamwhittomauthor

William Whittom lives in South Central Ky.

In 1980 William Whittom met the love of his life Sharon. They had 36 years of devotion and unparalleled love most can only imagine or read about. In November of 2016 Sharon went to be with the angels, the only force that could separate these soul mates. After she passed, William has been fully dedicating his time to writing and traveling all over the country, seeing the unique beauty each state has to offer. Soon he plans to add traveling the world to his list.

His passions include Amateur Radio and photography.

Through William Whittom’s life he has experienced many different fields of employment. He has been an over the road truck driver, worked in many steakhouses keeping the kitchen in tiptop shape. He has also done carpentry and insurance sales, assisted in the news rooms of television and radio, Worked as an orderly in a hospital and as a member of the housekeeping staff in nursing homes.